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Barcelona, Spain  b.1941 

Eduardo Arranz-Bravo lives and works in Barcelona. Within Spain, he is considered one of the most representative artists from the May’68 generation. His work reflects the mood of a rebellious, festive generation that emerged during the final years of dictatorship through to the early years of transition to democracy. 

In the 1960's, Barcelona was the singular city to boast works of both Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, who were by and large, considered the two great masters of modernity. From Miró he learnt about freedom and depth in use of color; and from Picasso he found inspiration that began his exploration into the human figure. Moreover, his aesthetic was influenced by Pop Art. We can credit Arranz-Bravo for works that exhibit realism through critique and sarcasm.

This is a sharp break away from the dramatic, transcendent paintings of postwar Spain that is favored by the informalist generation. Instead, Arranz-Bravo reflects passion for color, a return to the figurative and a multidisciplinary, transversal approach to the arts. 

Beyond painting, Arranz-Bravo has also successfully experimented with other techniques: etching, sculpture, drawing, performance and film-making. Notably, his recent works, deeply rooted in humanism, contain more abstract elements.

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