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Taipei, China  b.1953 

1953  Born in Taipei, China

Currently lives and works in Shanghai, China


Selected Solo Exhibition

2016  The City Wanderer, Jewelvary, Shanghai, China

2015  Mountains, Water, Moon, Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, China

2014  Refulgence of Solitude, Long Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2013  My mind in unsullied languor: revisiting then and there, ARTMIA Foundation, Beijing, China

2012  A Journey from the Song Dynasty Tradition to the 21st Century Modernity, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2012  Zheng Zaidong, Majestic Landscape - Retreat from the avant-garde, Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul, Korea

2011  Majestic Landscape, Artmia Foundation, Beijing, China

2010  The exhibition of the landscape painting of Zheng Zaidong, Yard Gallery , Shanghai, China

2007  Ranging in France — Zheng Zaidong solo exhibition, Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, China

2006  Moon and Shadow Cheer Me Through, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai, China

2005  Ink Paintings by Zheng Zaidong, Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2003  Verdant Hills Semi-veiled, Lin and Keng Gallery, Taipei, China

2002  Raises Glass Invites the Bright Moonlight, Fubang Plaza, Taipei, China

2001  Cheng Tsaitung, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, China

2000  The toys become dispirited, Lin and Keng Gallery, Taipei, China

2000  Why not holds the candle to Tour, Lin and Keng Gallery, Taipei, China

1997  Return to Taiwan, Hanart(Taipei) Gallery, Taipei, China

1996  Personal History Retrospect, Hanart(Taipei) Gallery, Taipei, China

1994  Beauty Life, Crown Art Centre, Taipei, China

1994  Until the End of Time, Hanart (Taipei) Gallery, Taipei , China

1993  Scented Moon, Hsiung Shih Gallery, Taipei, China

1992  Taipei Oblicion, Lion Gallery, Taipei, China

1992  A Sailors’ Trund, Hanart(Taipei) Gallery, Taipei, China

1991  A Stroll Around Taipei, Hanart(Taipei) Gallery, Taipei , China

1990  Apparition, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong, China

1986  The Empty House, Taipei, China

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