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Matthew Liu Fine Arts is pleased to announce the Brooklyn-based Spanish artist Santi Moix’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Entitled Seurí after the small Catalan village of the same name that the artist visited with his father as a child, the exhibition will be opening on March 17th with a reception from 4-7 pm, and running through May 28th. This is the launch opening since the gallery moved to its current location at 99 East Beijing Road on the Bund.

The exhibition features Santi Moix’s most recent oil paintings, water color works, as well as ceramic sculptures, presenting a comprehensive overview to the artist’s practice in recent years. Moix has been known for his playful depiction of plants, figures and creatures in an imagined world of his own. He often overlaps forms and lines that clash with each other to create explosions of images. With a bright palette, he renders plants and animals sensual, energetic and ethereal, as if they possess individual minds and wills that guide them to freely navigate through a fictional void.

This new body of work has been inspired by a massive project the artist was commissioned to produce at St. Victor, a Romanestique church outside of Seurí. After three years of painstaking work on site, Moix created more than 1200 square feet frescoes that essentially overwhelmed the interior space. In addition to the paintings and watercolors, the artist also brings his magnificent murals to Shanghai. Saturated with various shades of green, yellow, and pink, part of the gallery walls will be covered with his signature abstract flowers and invented animals. Upon entering the exhibition, viewers will be virtually transferred into the artist’s garden of fantasy, psychedelic with a touch of childlike naivety.

Born in Spain in 1955 and relocated to New York in the 1980s, Santi Moix has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona, ES, 2017; Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, 2016; Pace Prints, New York, NY, 2008 and Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NY, 2015, 2010, 2008. His works have been included in numerous group exhibitions including “Naked!”, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NY, 2009; “Drawings and Photographs,” Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY, 2001; “The Great Drawing Show 1550 to 1999,” Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 1999. His works are included in many prominent collections, including Palau de la Música, Barcleona, ES; Sant Víctor de Saurí, Catalonia, ES; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; Circulo de Lectores, Barcelona, ES; Marimura Art Museum, Tokyo, JP; Museo de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo, Brazil and BR Museu de Cerámica, Barcelona, ES.
For further information, please contact or +86 21 6315 1582.

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