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Liaoning, China  b.1966 

Selected Solo Exhibition

2021  Qu Fengguo:2020, Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai

2019  Time/Thing, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

2017  Midsummer, Don Gallery, Shanghai

2016  MíShēng, Don Gallery, Shanghai

2015  Corn Rain, Hi Art Center, Shanghai

           The World Itself, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

2013  Into the Spring, Don Gallery, Shanghai

2008  The World- Works of Qu Fengguo, Shanghai

2007  Infinite Scenes, Art Now Gallery,Beijing

2006  SEASON, Yachao Gallery, Shanghai

2001  Surface vision, The Room With a View, Shanghai

1998  Qu Fengguo Art Exhibition, Mi Qiu Modern Art Workshop, Shanghai 


Selected Group Exhibition

2020  Shanghai Waves Historical Archives and Works of Shanghai Biennale, PSA, Shanghai

           Cloudy, Don Gallery, Shanghai

           Abstraction 2020 Part I Cool & Hot, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

           Painting and Existence: Chinese, Japanese and Korean Abstract Painting Travelling

           Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing

2019  Swallow It! Summer x Bacchanal, Don Gallery, Shanghai

2017  Shanghai Dandy, Don Gallery, Shanghai

2016  China Art Museum,Shanghai

2015  Nothing Else, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

2013  Lighten The Mind, 22 Art Center, Shanghai

           Abstract Visual World, Art Redtown, Shanghai

2012  Culture Shanghai, Shengling Gallery, Shanghai

           Art Red Town, Art Redtown Gallery Alliance, Shanghai

           HORIZON Shanghai-Yamanashi, Yamanashi Art Museum, Japan

2011  Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition Shanghai, 1919 Art area, Shanghai

           ART of SHANGHAI, Kyoto Gino Gallery, Japan

           We Are Here, Don Gallery, Shanghai

2010  Conversation: Christeene Britton & Qu Guofeng’s show, Don Gallery, Shanghai

           Coincidence, Don Gallery, Shanghai

           5th International Plein-Air of Painters Symposium of Local Cultures, tary sacz Plus

           Homeward Bound I Go, Exhibition at Pudoong International Airport Shanghai

           Exhibition in the Sky, Pudong tower advertisement boards, Shanghai

           Shanghai Modern Exhibition, CAI Monma Annex Gallery Sapporo, Japan

2008  ARCO ’08 International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid, Spain

           National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China


           Line, The Creek Art Center, Shanghai

2006  High Art-From Shanghai, Le Toit de la Grande Arche, Paris, France

           Reed Savage, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

2005  OPEN ROAD, The Creek Art Center, Shanghai

2004  Abstract Art in Shanghai, Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai

           Cohesion, Art Scene China Warehouse, Shanghai

           Dreaming of The Dragon’s Nation, Irish Museum of Modern of Art, Ireland

2003  Contemporary Chinese Art, Shanghai Library, Shanghai

           Metaphysics, Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

           Displacement of Culture, Taikang Art Museum, Shanghai

2002  East + West-Contemporary Art Exhibition of China, Kunsthauswien, Vienna

           Wind Aus Shanghai, Hamburg Art Museum, Germany

           Da Xiang Wu Xing, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou He Xiangning Art Museum, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, China

           Metaphysics 2002, Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2001  An Exhibition of International Chinese Abstract Paintings, Artiest Commune, Hong Kong

           Metaphysics 2001 Shanghai Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

           International Fine Art Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2000  “Coastline” Fine Art Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai

           Shanghai 2000 Biennial, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

1999  New Vision, Shanghai International Convention Center

           Exhibition with 46 Contemporary Chinese Artist, Shanghai, Melbourne

           Abstract from Cosmopolitan City-99’Shanghai Abstract Art, Shanghai University

           99 Young Artists in Shanghai, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai

1998  New Voices-Contemporary Art Dialogue, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai 

1997  Art Exhibition of Hong Kong Convention Center, Hong Kong Convention Center, Hong \ Kong

           97’ Shanghai Modern Art, Shanghai Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

           National Art Exhibition in China Modern Oil paintings, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai

1996  Outburst -Abstract Art in China, MiQiu Modern Art Workshop, Shanghai

1994  Exhibition for the Symposium of Asia Culture & Art, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Shanghai

1993  Modern Art in Shanghai, Gallery of Modern Art, Yokohama, Japan

1992  Mainstream Art of China, Shanghai Art Gallery, Shanghai



Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai

Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhuo

Z-art Center, Shanghai

White Rabbit Museum, Australia

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