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Liaoning, China  b.1966 

QU Fengguo was born in 1966 in Liaoning Province. He graduated from the Stage Design Department at Shanghai Theatre Academy (1988), currently living and working in Shanghai, teaching at the same school where he graduated. Qu has been devoting his career to developing the language of abstraction in his painting. As the art critic Julie Chun wrote, he has refined rather than “explored” this genre, in this case creating a body of work that is in dialogue with the passing of time and the change of seasons.


His works have been widely exhibited in numerous art institutions throughout the world, including China Art Museum (Shanghai, 2016), Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai, 2013), CAI-Contemporary Art Institute (Sapporo, 2010), National Art Museum of China (Beijing, 2008), Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin, 2004), Vienna Künstlerhaus (Vienna, 2002), The 3rd Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2000), Liu Haisu Art Museum (Shanghai, 1997), Yokohama Museum of Art (Yokohama, 1993), etc. His solo exhibitions include “Midsummer” (Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2017), “Mí Shēng” (Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2016), “Grain Rain” (Line Gallery, Beijing, 2015), “Into the Spring” (Don Gallery, Shanghai, 2013), “Endless Landscape” (Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, 2007), etc.

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