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Anhui, China  b.1986 

1986  Born in Suixi, Anhui, China

2014  Graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Currently lives and works in Beijing, China


Solo Exhibitions

2023  The Trembling of a LeafMatthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, China

2019  Stalker, Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, China

2017  The River Flows Through the City, Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai, China

2015  Gap of Image: Qi Lei Solo Exhibition, ARTMIA Foundation, Beijing, China

2014  Day for Night: Qi Lei Solo Exhibition, Gome Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Art Basel Hongkong, HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre, HongKong, China

2022 ShangHai BFC Art Festival, Fosun Art Center, Shanghai, China

2021 ShangHai  West Bund Art and design Fair, ShangHai West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, China

2020 Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, Shenzhen, China

2019 Young artists nomination exhibition of Jining art museum, Jining Art Museum, Jining, China

2019 Art Shenzhen, Shenzhen convention and exhibition center, Shenzhen, China “Open Islands”, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand

2018 Tramp over the mountains and rivers: Zhangzhou invitational exhibition on contemporary painting, Zhangzhou Art Museum, Zhangzhou, China

2017  All happens after sunset..., MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2017  Art Central Hong Kong, Galerie Liusa Wang, HongKong, China

2017  CULTURED SPACES, Lan Space Gallery, Beijing, China

2017  WHAT MAKES US WHO WE ARE,XU Gallery, Shanghai, China

2016  ULYSSES' GAZE - The Return of Painterliness and Soulful Contemplation, Ginkgo Art Center, Beijing, China

2016  'Qingjin Plan(2016)', Right View Art Museum, Beijing, China

2016  'Qingjin Plan(2016)', Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

2015  Image Research Room(No.2): Concept and Language in Painting Process, Right View Art  Museum, Beijing, China

2015  'Optimistic Plans', Koala Space, Tianjin, China

2015  'ZHUANG', ARTMIA Foundation, Beijing, China

2015  In Between Sceneries: Intuition and Experience, Tokyo Gallery+BTAP, Beijing, China

2014  Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts graduate exhibition of outstanding works, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Tianjin, China

2013  Candidates for the "Asian Youth Creation sets record Vol.4", Hong Kong, China

2013  The Fourth New Stars Art Festival, Poly The World Trade Center Museum, Guangzhou, China

2013  'Jia Yi about and Art is about' Young Artists Group Exhibition, Wuxi Su Jia gallery, Wuxi, China

2012  Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Student Original Exhibition, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Tianjin, China

2012  'May Tree' Tianjin Contemporary Art Exhibition, Tianjin Chen Tong Chong Art Science and Technology Museum, Tianjin, China

2009  Tianjin 7th Youth Arts Exhibition, Tianjin Youth Palace, Tianjin, China


Deji Art Museum (Nanjing, China)

ARTMIA Foundation (Beijing, China)

GOME Art Foundation (Beijing, China)

Yungang Grottoes Academe (Datong, China)

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