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Hunan, China  b.1960

Chen Qiang, was born in Hunan, China in 1960. He graduated from the Art Department of East China Normal University in Shanghai and now resides in Shanghai. He often paints in a decentralized "nature-bred" way and allows pigment to expand freely, which makes the painting looks more pure. At the same time, it also evokes the clearest visual moments and inner perceptions of human beings. The uncon-scious "symbols" of the dots and lines in his works accomplish the accumulation and interconnection of countless amounts of information, just like enzymes in cells proofread nucleotides. Collapse and stack again and again, move back and forth between people's sensory experiences and emotions.


The visual space of some of his paintings echoes the American abstract painter Marks Rothko's fond-ness for the “unconscious”. And these works do not need to be created with a three-dimensional con-cept like Cubism, but can also create delicate and unique light, shade and atmosphere. Through the mul-tiple work exhibited in this exhibition, we can see the confrontation between sensibility and rationality, the covering and dissolution of multiple selves in Chen's creation process.

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