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Ningbo, China  b.1993

Mao Guanshuai was born in Ningbo, China in 1993 and now his studio is based in Shanghai.


Mao started to craft some wood figures or animals concretely in 2013. By going deeper into wood carving and chiseling, he wanted to explore more since 2017. Because of the unique and charming quality of wood material, as well as the characteristic folk art skills of wood sculpting, Mao tried to create more original and abstract forms, which cannot be directly found in the real world, in a freshly new way. He wants to sculpt the pure inner spirt of the subjects, subliming the distinctive style of wood sculpting. His work emphasizes the individual's spiritual expression, and the language of the work retains both originality and contemporary feeling.In the past decade, he has transformed and precipitated the rich stimulation and inspiration of contemporary urban life to young audience into the source of stories to form his woodwork. He pursues art in the naturalist way: using his own hand to craft and polish wood, thus his works wears an artistic and skin-soft texture, which the form re-interprets the works via light. He continues his creation to search the principle of his wood world through rhythmic abstraction. 

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