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Ceuta, Spain  b.1985 

Born in 1985 in Ceuta, Spain, Javier Martín is a visual artist who has developed most of his works in painting & in sculpture. He uses fashion portraits often taken by him to compose his artwork. Martin also uses a mix- ture of techniques that involve digital prints as part of his trademark.


As a self-educated artist, he started to paint at young age & at the very premature age of 7, In 1994 Martin won the CAJA Madrid for young artist award. Two decades later Martin has re- ached an important statute & recognition in the art world by making individual & collective exhibitions in Europe, Asia, the United Sates and Latin America. Martin is mostly recognized by his works with pictures which highlight the blindness his models. The esthetic beauty of the works acquires a special value as a storyteller trying to set a point about how society judges without looking any further.Another of his most famous art pieces is his Louis Vuitton Rifles. These particular art pieces are all made from the fabric of deconstructed Louis Vuitton bags. The result: guns, grenades and AK- 47’s. Leaving a strong message about the modern cult to a specific dreamy object, a bag transformed into a weapon or a weapon transformed into a bag. His sculptures are cleaned lined and mainly use monochromatic colors, such as white or gold. He frequently uses the human figure in a way to engage the viewer into understanding a beautiful masterpiece, where his main goal is for the art enthusiast to understand substantial topics from a different & human point of view. Some of his most memorable art exhibitions are, Estampa Madrid, Arte Lisboa, Art Lima (Peru), Art Basel Miami Beach, Art meets Fashion New York and Artshow Busan (Korea). Nowadays he is represented by Matthew Liu Fine Arts in Shanghai and Valli Art Gallery in Miami.

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