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Fuzhou, China  b.1973


Born in Fujian in 1973, Yuan Daxi has graduated from the History Department at Fujian Normal University. He began hisinterdisciplinary training at a young age, developing his talents in such areas as calligraphy, Chinese ink art, Westernpainting, and classical music. He holds the belief that an extraordinary artist has to explore a wide variety of practices, and obtain the spirit of a scholar. In ancient Confucianism, a scholar is required to master the six artistic abilities of ritual, music, archery, governance, calligraphy, and mathematics. This demand for obtaining the holistic abilities and cultivatespirituality has always been the conscious pursuit of ancient Chinese literati and artists. Yuans attitude towards art andexperimentation aligns with it. Resembling meditation, Yuan allows process and practice to evoke his body and spirit, andthus explores human's deep subconsciousness.


Yuan's oil paintings are composed in an abstract style, with traces of harmonious curves resembling gracious strokes ofchinese calligraphy. Heavy textures scattered around the canvases unfold the artists mind, shifting from awareness to spiritual state. Both sculptural and painterly, these paintings serve as mirrors that reflect the artists transcendent journeys at the time of creation.


Through the repeated artistic techniques of sculptural shaping and layer painting, the musical sense of the picture plains superimposed on the canvas. In the era of post-modern abstraction today, he embodies the auditory musical sensoryexperience and transforms it into a visual and spatial organic composition.

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