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That Summer  2015.09.05 - 11.01

Matthew Liu Fine Arts is pleased to present “That Summer”, Bernard Faucon’s first exhibition of major photographic works in Shanghai, China.


For nearly four decades Bernard Faucon’s works are of a rare poetic power. They are both sensory and metaphysical; they celebrate light and matter, colors and bodies, desire and beauty, while at the same time questioning loss and disappearance. Suffering does not arise from the ugliness of the world, but from its splendor when threatened with the passage of time.


Faucon began to take photography in 1976. He opposed the traditional norm of creating photos but to construct a scene, the arrangement of the plot and characters and celebrate the real through the fabrication of true fictions. Each image is at the center of a struggle between the threat of renunciation and the illumination that it will bring. Faucon’s work has manifested the world of photography from “shooting the image” to “building the image” which led to the new era of the postmodern photography.


The title of the exhibition “That Summer” invokes the explosion of light and desire. Summer is the magic of childhood and play; summer is the perfection of a moment of happiness and beauty. In this exhibition, the artist assembles the childhood memory and fantasy literature along the theme of festivals and games depicted at the work to convey the message that “that summer” goes on forever.

Bernard Faucon was born in 1950 in Apt, southern France. His major photographic series are, in date-order: Les Grandes Vacances (1977–1981); Evolution probable du Temps (1981–1984); Les Chambres d'amour (1987–1989); Les Idoles et les Sacrifices (1989–1991); Les écritures (1991–1993); and La Fin de L'image (1993–1995).He has won numerous awards from his work, including the Grand Prix National (1989), and the Prix Leonard de Vinci (1991). Since 1977 he has had nearly 300 solo exhibitions throughout the world, but he decided to cease photography in 1997. In 1999 he produced his first book of writing, La peur du voyage.


For further information, please contact info@mlfinearts. com or +86 21 6315 1582.


Bernard Faucon: That Summer

Dimensions: 25.0 x 30.5 cm

Edition of 200

Pages: 68

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