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Shanghai, China  b.1979

Shi Zhiying is an artist. She deals with materials' state of existence in her painting practice. Emphasized in her practice is the interchange of being with not being: the ocean, rocks, the ancient statues, beads are described in painterly strokes. The shapes are however not certain, instead are formed by independent lines, brushstrokes and the paints, conveying an immanent rhythmic logic, establishing a stable and sensational structure in the process of interacting with the visual experience. The artist demonstrates via her smooth, insightful paintings the transience of a being's life, captures the extremely gradual transition that happens in the space between materials, the painting surfaces and the present experience.


She had solo exhibition in Ullens Center for contemporary art (2009) and Orange County Museum of art (2017), her work are collected by Shanghai Power station of art, Shanghai Art Museum,Fusun Foundation,Cc Foundation,Yuz Museum Shanghai,Orange County Museum of art,Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney,White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, Pizzuti Collection.


She received Master Degree (2005) of Oil Painting from Shanghai Fine Arts College. Now works in Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute. 

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