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Bernard Faucon

Provence, France  b.1950

Selected Exhibitions

Born in Provence in 1950, Bernard Faucon pursued his education in philosophy and theology. After completing his master’s degree, he became one of the first artists to explore the universe of staged photography. His photographic work, which he began in 1976 and deliberately stopped in 1995, consists of seven large series of “true fictions”.

- Educated at the Lycée d'Apt in Provence, 1962-1969.
- Studied at the Sorbonne, Paris, 1969-1973 (Master's degree in Philosophy, 1973).
- Paintings from 1966 to 1976.
- Staged photographs 1977-1995.
- More than 350 individual exhibitions since 1977, chiefly in Western Europe, The United States and Japan (notably at Léo Castelli, New York, Agathe Gaillard, Yvon Lambert and VU la Galerie, Paris).
- Main recipient of Grand Prix National, France, 1989.
- In 1997, decided to suspend his photographic works.
- From 1997 to 2003, organized “The happiest day of my youth” in 25 different countries.
- In 1999, La peur du voyage, his first text-only publication, came out.
- In 2004-2005, first complete retrospective at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.
- Latest publication : “Été 2550”, a book of poetic writings illustrated by travel images (Actes Sud, 2009).


Devoted to a large autobiographical project that accounts for a life built on images on the road, the endless Road Life


First integrated retrospective took place at the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, in Paris


Published Summer 2550, a book of illustrated poems of his travels


Produced the event of “The Most Beautiful day of my childhood” in 20 nations across the world engaging one hundred youths in each country (five  “Most                       Beautiful Days” was added thereafter, and the last event took place in August 2005 in Seoul)


Published his first collection of texts without images, The fear of travel


Decided to suspend his photo production


Works primarily focused on staged photography (completed seven series, namely Les Grandes Vacances, Évolution probable du temps, Les chambres d'amour, Les chambres d'or, Les idoles et les sacrifices, Les Écritures, La fin de L'image)


Received the National Price of Excellence

Since 1977

exhibited over 400 solo exhibitions, mostly across Western Europe, the U.S.A, Japan, India and South Korea (Notably at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York, Agathe Guillard, Yvon Lambert and Vu La Gallery in Paris)


More than 20 publications have been distributed on the works of Bernard Faucon in French (notably the William Blake and Actes Sud editions), as well as other publications in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Main books
in French
1980  Les Grandes Vacances, Herscher, Paris 
1986  Papiers qui Volent, Hazan, Paris 
1987  Les Chambres d'Amour, William Blake, Bordeaux 
1991  Tables d'Amis, William Blake
1993  Les Écritures, William Blake
1997  La Fin de l'Image, William Blake 
1998  Chambres d'Amour, Chambres d'or, William Blake 
1999  La Peur du Voyage, William Blake 
2000  Le plus beau Jour de ma jeunesse, Éditions de l'Imprimeur, Paris 
2000  La Plus Belle Route du monde, avec Antonin Potoski, POL, Paris 
2004  Atelier Faucon à Pingyao, Édition de l’œil, Paris 
2006  Bernard Faucon, Actes Sud, Arles
2009  Été 2550, Actes Sud, Arles

in English
1980  Summer Camp, Xavier Moreau, N.Y.
1998  Love Chambers 1987, William Blake 

in Japanese
1986  Les Papiers qui Volent, Parco, Tokyo 
1991  Les Idoles et les Sacrifices, Parco, Tokyo 
1991  Dernier Portrait, Nanasaï, Kyoto
1995  Jours d'Image, Tréville, Tokyo

In Korean
2001  La Plus Belle Route du monde, Maumsanchak, Seoul 
2004  Les chambres, Maumsanchak, Seoul 

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