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Huang Yuanqing, was born in Shanghai in 1963 and graduated from Shanghai University of Science and Technology. He is one of the leading figures in Chinese abstract calligraphy art. In his abstract calligraphy paintings, the words, strokes, lines and colors have lost the norms and boundaries of time. He flits acrylic paint back and forth through the restructured linguistic consciousness with dots and lines, each stroke seemingly thrown at random, but the placement is ingenious. Huang's paintings were deeply influenced by his calligraphy. In the mid-1980s, he mainly created modern calligraphy. Then, he began to think differently about the "tradition". He tried to give a new vocab- ulary to the language space with his own calligraphic insight, to transform his profound calligraphic logic into brushstrokes on canvas, and to repaint words in a form that pretended to be unbalanced.


From his paintings, sometimes it is like the scattered leaves in the dark forest entangled in the wind, and sometimes it is like the blazing forest of passion. The calligraphic brushwork contains a kind of delicate, free and easy style of Li Bai and Liang Kai. Up close, it is like a restless soul in a system, but from a distance, it is elegant and beautiful. It is the externalization of an emotion, the carrier of a free spirit. These works are the most representative, that let Huang walk into abstract art, combine the aesthetics and techniques of Chinese calligraphy and western abstract painting as a new attitude of abstract art.


When the perceptual system is re¬organized, when the timeless language is reduced to the dots and lines. As the anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss once said, "The external world as we perceive it is essentially an undifferentiated whole, and the conceptual instrument that continually divides the whole into everything is language." Whether it's Chen's symbolic information or Huang's calligraphic paintings, both artists respond to abstract art in their own unique ways, to translate into something more belong to human perception, this exhibition will be like a dance of painting in an illusion.


For further information, please contact or +86 21 6315 1582.

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