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Sabadell, Spain  b.1957 

Agustí Puig, born in Sabadell, Spain in 1957, is a Spanish painter and printmaker who reflects on human uncertainty in his deceptively simple and highly illustrative graphic works. His images encourage us to contemplate the human adventure in terms of art and life, aesthetics and philosophy. Influenced by Pablo Picasso, Balthus and the Japanese artist Takeshi Motomiya with who Puig once shared a studio, his works are sensuous, fresh and unrestrained, exhibiting a process of introversion and synthesis. Puig is also the famous film director, writer and producer Woody Allen's favorite artist in our time. Allen's 2008 feature film Vicky Cristina Barcelona is based on Puig's true stories and the protagonist Juan Antonio was inspired by him as the prototype. The film was shot at Puig's studio in Barcelona, and Allen commissioned a painting for the movie.

Agusti Puig’s works has been internationally acclaimed and widely exhibited in prestigious venues, including Galeria René Metràs, Barcelona and Galeria Egam, Madrid, and are also featured at the Biennale de la Méditerranée in Torino and Thessaloniki and in contemporary art fairs such as London Fine Art Fair, Art Miami, Washington Art DC and Chicago Art Fair.

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