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Shanghai, China  b.1963

1963   Born in Shanghai, China

1989   Graduated from Shanghai University of Science and Technology

1987-1989  Department of Fine Arts, Shanghai Normal University

Currently working and living in Shanghai


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2018    Motives of Lines, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai

2016    Ink, Around Space Living, Shanghai

             Huang Yuanqing, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin

2015    Shi, 203ART, Shanghai

2014    No Boarder, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

2013    Huang Yuanqing, Gallery Sanjyo Gion, Kyoto

2012    Huang Yuanqing, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin

2010    Xing Xiang, Zhangjiang Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

             Huang Yuanqing, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin 

2007    Move Closer, Gallery of Bangkok University, Bangkok

2005    Present, not present, Zhangjiang Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

2004    Xiang·Xiang, A&A Phoenix  Hongkong

2003    Xiang·Xiang, BizArt, Shanghai

2002    Huang Yuanqing , Gallery Goto, Tokyo

             Light Inside, A&A Phoenix, Hongkong

2001    Huang Yuanqing , Gallery Goto, Tokyo


Selected Group Exhibitions


2020    Abstraction 2020 Part I Cool&Hot, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

             Psychedelic, Mingyuan Art Museum Shanghai 

             Qing & Zhong——Chen Qiang & Huang Yuanqing , Matthew Liu Fine Arts, Shanghai 

             Echo on Papers, Arario Gallery, Shanghai

2019    Scripts, Traces, and the Unpredictable, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai

             Continuance, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai

2017    Graffiti and Calligraphy, Arario Gallery, Shanghai

              Decade, PIFO Gallery, Beijing

             Tracing the Past and Shaping the Future, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai

             Non-objective Painting, Around Space Gallery, Shanghai

             The Plane of Rewriting, Pearl Lam Galleries, Shanghai

             Unconfined, Aura Gallery, Shanghai

2016    Envision, Around Space Gallery, Shanghai

2015    Nothing Else, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

             Time and Space: Abstract Art in China, Power Station of Art, Shanghai

             Communication of Sweden-China Contemporary Art, 203 ART SPACE, Shanghai

2013    Encounter of Heart and Mind, Bund 22, Shanghai

            Home——Another Utopia, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai

            Huang Yuanqing, Ouyang Chun, Shi Zhiying: Paintings, James Cohan Gallery, Shanghai

2012    Arts from Shanghai, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei

             Horizon, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamanashi

             The Way of Writing, Zendai Contemporary Art Space, Shanghai

2011    New Tradition, Gallery Sanjyo Gion, Kyoto 

             Urban Abstract, Art Front Gallery, Tokyo

             Tao of Nature – Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition, MOCA, Shanghai

2010    River Flows East: Landscapes of the Imagination, Chambers Fine Art, Beijing

             Art & Design , Bund 1919,  Shanghai

             Beijing Film Academy’s 60 Anniversary Exhibition , 4° Space Art Museum, Beijing

2009    Return to Modern, West Lake Art Museum, Hangzhou

2008    Highlight, 99 Creative Center, Fine Arts College of Shanghai University, Shanghai

2007    Float, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

2006    Pan Wei & Huang Yuanqing, Refined Nest Gallery, Shanghai

2004    Dreaming of the Dragon’s Nation, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin

2003    Metaphysics 2003: Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

2002    Metaphysics 2002: Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

             New Abstraction, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai

2001    Metaphysics 2001: Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

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