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Press Release

Matthew Liu Fine Arts will present a collection of avant-garde photographic creations, with a special focus on contemporary artists who bring a rich Latin American flair to their work. Through their unique creative perspectives, these artists explore the multidimensional relationships between culture, nature, and humanity.


Brazilian artist Vik Muniz uses innovative techniques to reconstruct classic artworks with new media, paying tribute to and reinterpreting the classics; Mexican artist Flor Garduño explores the connection between Latin American indigenous cultures and nature through the interplay of natural elements and stark visual contrasts; Nickolas Muray captures the multifaceted personality of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and their profound emotional entanglement through photography, adding a valuable visual record to the history of Latin American art.


Additionally, the exhibition includes works by German artist Candida Höfer, who captures the beauty of public space order with a calm, objective perspective, reflecting the visual and architectural aesthetics of cultural places; Belarusian artist Valery Katsuba narrates the complex relationship between individuals and their social environment through his sensitive capture of light and the human body. Together, these artists' works provoke thought on the boundaries of traditional art, while also showcasing the integration and opposition of nature and societal aspects in modern society.


For further information, please contact or +86 21 63151582.

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